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That sound. Flatulence. Of Elephant.

"Jareth's here."

"Dad needs a new way to appear. That noise is revolting."

"I don't think he can help it, Bri. Comes with the glitter. At least, after a few of us got to him, anyway."

Jade tried hard not to roll her eyes before setting off to Jen's bedroom in the very back of the house. A loud, wheeking noise of rodent was audible through the thick wooden door, as well as a voice belonging to a very perturbed Goblin King.

"Stop that noise, you little furry white monster! Don't make me. Don't make me use." Trailing off, the Goblin King picked up Jen's miniature Legolas and thrust it at Pigger the Guinea Pig. "I'll use this. This little monstrosity whom everyone seems to think is more sexually attractive than I am!"

Narrowing his eyes and going over that last statement in his mind, he looked at the miniature before tossing it at the life-size cardboard Legolas stand-up.

"What the hell are you looking at, pansy princeling?" Moving from the bed into what little foot space there was, Jareth took up the sides of his cloak and fluttered them, raising his voice, eyes on the stand-up. "Ohhhh look at me! I'm a pansy! I frolick through the forest all day before going off with some elf maid and deflowering her. Oh-ho-ho!"

Sniggering ceased his little dance.

Turning, wide-eyed, cloak still clutched in his gloved fingers, he spied Jade in the now open doorway, hand over her mouth, face more than likely aching from trying to keep her amusement bridled.

Glowering, Jareth moved to the door, hopping over some junk on Jen's floor, muttering something about poncy elves under his breath as he moved past Jade to the entrance hall.
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Heading over to Dreamwidth with my teasingfool and nilhlokeiel accounts.  I don't know that I'll be back on this one, so I'm going to try pushing updates from there to here.

Hell, maybe I'll just archive both these accounts.  Who knows?  Nobody!
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About time to get back to this account.


Sep. 29th, 2008 02:45 am
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I have been reading through some of the old entries on my other journal.
How could anyone possibly have read that crap? It was utter crap. I was selfish, foolish and living in my own head. No thought to those around me at all.

What has changed? I'm not sure. I just hope that I don't sound as winy and stupid as I used to. Sure, I have my fangirling posts and my silly posts. Why would I post about something that's really bothering me?

This will probably become boring. )
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Enter )


Oct. 16th, 2005 05:37 pm
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"My, my, my." A long, slender finger clicked through the labyrinth-fanfic list's messages for October of 2005, a pair of eyebrows arching every so often. "Something forbidden, something hidden, something all shall have given." Her eyes turned to those of the Goblin King's. "And what part would you have this little puppet play, Jareth? This giver of poetry and whimsical thought?"

Jareth's eyes moved from hers to the screen, his lips pursed together as he perused the posts. "Play me the part of Titania, or that of Aphrodite. If you will, play yourself. All of your flaws, your perfections. Let us see your face and your limbs as you participate. Give them the performance of a lifetime; the one they will never forget."

Her eyes lowered as she bowed her head. "Yes, my Lord. I shall do as you wish."
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It never took long. My gentleman. Imzadi.
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Apologies for taking so long. I hope you enjoy it.

The Gardener )

Story by [ profile] teasingfool
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Loving )

Allow me to say that friends are some of the most important people in my life.
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The soul that is within me no man can degrade.


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