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Entering the ballroom, the lady in white gazed at each face before slowly moving toward Jareth. Her eyes sad and apologetic, she lightly touched his shoulder with a lily-white hand. "My Lord, forgive me. My abundance of daily rituals overcame all else."

Jareth turned to gaze into her gray eyes, his own mismatched eyes radiating endearment. "Don't worry, my Imzadi. There is always next year. Perhaps you could start an RR all your own around New Years."

She smiled at him before glancing to the others. "Who are they, Your Majesty?"

Jareth followed her gaze as he leaned his head close to whisper against her ear, his hand lightly stroking her hair. "They are but players in the grand, dramatical show that is life. They represent individuality in their characters, and love in their hearts." He turned his face toward her, his nose lightly touching her cheek. "Each of them a listian like yourself."

At this the lady in white smiled, her eyes sparkling with contentment in knowing others like her came here for reprieve. Her eyes met his in a glimmer of hope and smiled again, her hand moving to take his as she kissed his cheek. "My Lord. My best friend. You have taught me so much throughout my short life that I cannot help but appreciate your kingdom, your rag-tag minions, the riffraff peoples of your domain, and the people who come to you for support."

The Goblin King's smile slowly dissipated, the endeared glint in his eyes merging with wry amusement. "Now you're just trying to push my buttons."

The lady in white gave him a cheshire grin before looking to the listians again.
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